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Chrosziel develops and manufactures precision mechanical, optical and electronic products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, and follow focus controls which all meet the highest user requirements.

The CustomCage, Chrosziels innovative solution for many compact digital film and video cameras was designed in cooperation with users for users. So we did with the new wireless remote-control systems, the MagNum for 2 channel control.

With the other the multichannel lens control systems, the ALADIN MKII and Aladin BC, all are unsurpassed in reliability and precision.

Chrosziel also produces test equipment for service and daily testing of lenses and cameras such as the UniversalCamCollimator and the Projector MK5.

MatteBox MB 565 CINE.1


The news MB 565 CINE.1 has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of today‘s cinematic productions and unites virtually all conceivable applications in one product. Durable, yet light-weight and equipped with a variety of essential features, the MatteBox MB 565 is designed for the latest fast and superwide lenses with an outside diameter of up to 150mm.

It is optionally available as Clamp On version or for use on 15mm or 19mm rods and as a Swing-Away version. The MatteBox is freely expandable from one to three filter stages, each 360° rotatable.

MagNum: Discover the joy of focussing


MagNum offers a striking new concept for remote lens control systems. It is a focus puller’s dream come true: Ergonomics perfectly tuned to the requirements of 1st AC‘s turn long days on the set into pure joy. A dual band frequency selector ensures transmission reliabillity. Intuitive handling guided by menus.

Professional users participated heavily in optimizing ergonomics and functionality. They helped to make sure MagNum offers outstanding value for money.