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“Solid Support On Every Set” These words characterise the realistic view, which the company’s staff has developed over a long period of practical experience. Egripment‘s technical designers, supply the necessary Television and Film experience based on many years of practical work in our Industry.

They see daily, cameramen, crews, operators and technicians, working at a continually higher professional level. In conjunction with this field experience, Egripment has paid a lot of attention over the past 25 years to design and innovation, and ensuring, with on going consultation, that products suits the needs of all markets. The result is the development of a sophisticated series of Egripment Cranes, Dollies, Remote Heads and different tracking systems.

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Camera cranes for VR-Application are usually situated in the high end price segment of the crane market, very often unaffordable for the end user. The Encoding Package for Egripment Crane delivers high quality and reliable crane operation in a much more affordable price range, while maintaining the same high standards that Egripment is known for.

Generic Track System


The G-Track-System is designed in such a way that the G-Track can be used as a base for many different applications.

You can use the G-Track-System for live applications such as, live shows, music concerts, sport event, reality TV, etc.

205/D Digital Remote Head


Egripment’s Digital Head for the Modern Size Smaller Cameras & ENG Cameras

Following in the footsteps of our very successful and well regarded line of 306/D Digital and Encoded Remote Camera heads and systems, Egripment now announces a much smaller and lighter Remote Head designed for use with many of the current smaller professional cameras and lenses.